Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!

What does the internship contain?

Multiple times during your Intermediate Vocational Education at the Friesland College you have an internship. Such an internship contains mainly that you work temporary in a company, institution or in one of the learning companies from Friesland College.

Together with your coach and the company for your internship you determine what you want to learn during your internship. You also modify on which projects you are going to work and what your tasks will be.

Internships offer a good step towards the exploring of career prospects and to enlarge the possibilities for a job after the education. Above all, an internship is a part of the study with a replaceable learning effect.

Besides, internships can help to put your insecurities about the possibilities and functioning in practice in perspective. You also gain experience with applying for a job (such as networking, setting up and application letter, a curriculum vitae and having an application interview). In this way an internship creates an important link between study and the labor market.

Check here the different internships that are available
  • The shadowing apprenticeship: This internship takes place at the Secondary School of Hotel Management to see in which branch you want to work in your future career.
  • The introduction internship: Takes place in the first year as an acquantance
  • The experience internship: This internship takes place in the 2nd,3rd
    or 4th year. During this internship the knowledge of the students will be tested in practice.
  • The graduation internship:This internship will be in the last year of the education, whereat you will receive a graduation assignment.
Check here how you can prepare yourself for your internship

It is of outmost importance that you ask yourself the following questions before you start to look for an internship; what kind of internship are you looking for? In which sector or branch you want to find an internship? What kind of profession do you want perform over there? What are your strong and weak points? What is your goal to achieve during the internship? And how far are you willing to travel (homeland- or abroad?)

In order to find the right internship for yourself it is important to investigate the companies and places where you see yourself working the best. Make use of a telephone book or the yellow pages, next to that there are a lot of websites with places for an internship which can be found on the internet (Google.). Also the Secondary School of Hotel Management Friesland College has a list with different places for an internship in the homeland- and abroad.


Before you are being approved for your internship placement, you have to write an application/motivation letter and c.v. An example of an application letter and c.v., both in English and in Dutch you can find here