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Skype has become one of the most largest and popular/famous voice over the internet programs. The telephone connections between users are not forwarded through the regular telephone network, but via an Internet connection. It is an easy and cheap way to call. Thanks to Skype, you can get easily in contact with people from other/different countries and you can talk for hours for free. The Skype software is free to install.

Also the Friesland College is active in the use of Skype. Are you going abroad on your internship? Then the contact between you and the learning company will go in advance via Skype. During your internship any possible conversation with school will also proceed via Skype. This is easy and most of the time also free of charge.

Down below you can find a manual about how to use Skype.

Skype manual

Important Skype adresses:

Dhr. Lijs: chllijs

Dhr. Mulder: mure1957