Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!


France is well known for her provincial tastings and wines. Does it appeal to you to gain experience in a gastronomic environment? Then France is the place to be! Check down below for more information.

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France is a republic in Western Europe, the total surface is approximately 543.965 square kilometers, making it the second largest country in Western Europe. With about 59 million inhabitants in the mainland and with overseas departments approximately 61 million inhabitants, France is thus stated on the second place with most inhabitants in the European Union.
France consists of different departments, including overseas departments. Furthermore, France owns also a part of Antarctica.

The official language is French, next to that Bretons is spoken by minorities in Brittany, Occitan in the south, Basque in the Western Pyrenees, German in Alsace-Lorraine, Dutch in French Flanders, Catalan in Roussillon, Italian around Nice and Corsican on Corsica.

By this France exists through the centuries of history, that took different types of cultures from many different languages.

The climate in France has a very large variation, which has in the east a decreasing influence of the Atlantic Ocean, and to the southeast influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Alps and Pyrenees. In general France is located/positioned in a temperate stream where a temperate sea climate exists. The temperatures vary from somewhat colder in the north to a little bit warmer in the south.

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For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised.

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