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England stays, especially amongst students from the school of hospitality, a popular place to do an internship. Does this appeal to you? Check down below what the possibilities are.

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The United Kingdom or also called England or Great-Britain to make it more complicated, includes the former kingdoms England, Scotland and the former principality Wales. Also Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, there are even more famous/well-known and les famous/well-known smaller Islands.

The total surface of England is 130.422 square kilometers, Wales approximately 2.800 square kilometers and Northern-Ireland approximately 14.100 square kilometers. The language that is spoken is English, which belongs to the Germanic languages.

Within the Germanic languages three sub-groups can be distinguished: the northern group with Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. The continental group with amongst others German and Dutch and the western group where English belongs to.

England has a maritime climate because of the position in the middle of the Northern-Atlantic Gulf stream and the strong south-western winds that constantly carry’s moist sea air. The winters are in general mild and the summers are cool, with in both periods a relatively high humidity. Only during the winters very low temperatures can occur when easterly winds from the European mainland/off-shore are being transferred.

Fog occurs very often, in the industry area of mid England for example more than fifty days a year. The general amount of hours of sunshine is not very high. And in the south it is in general even warmer than in the north. It rains a lot in England; at the most places more than 200 days a year. Because of engorgement, the precipitation amounts are bigger amongst the west coast en especially where it is mountainous. The most rain falls in the period of end September till end November, but also in mid-summer it can rain a lot.

For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised .

Learning companies in Engeland

Holiday Inn Bristol Filton Bristol Tel: +0871-9429014 Core task 1.5&5
Brocket Hall International Limited Hertfordshire Tel: +44 1707 368812 Core task 1.5&5
Holiday Inn Plymouth Plymouth Tel: +44-1752639988 Core task 1.5&5
Mercure Wigan Oak Hotel Wigan, Greater Manchester Tel: +44-1942826888 Core task 5
Mercure The Royal Hotel Hull Hull, East Yorkshire Tel: +44-1482325087 Core task 5
Mercure Bowdon Hotel Altrincham Bowdon, Altrincham, Cheshire Tel: +44-1619287121 Core task 5
Mercure Woodhey House Hotel Chester North Little Sutton, Cheshire Tel: +44-1513395121 Core task 5
Mercure South Marston Hotel & Spa Swindon South Marston, Swindon, Wiltshire Tel: +44-1793833700 Core task 5
Mercure Hatfield Oak Hotel Hatfield, Hertfordshire Tel: +44-1707275701 Core task 5
The Royal Victory Hotel Snowdonia Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales Tel: +44-1286870253 Core task 5