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Do you want your internship in Ireland? The industrial placement office offers a few companies where an internship is possible. Do you want to know more about the hotel and/or Ireland? Keep on reading.

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Ireland is an island west of Great Britain. The central part of Ireland is relatively flat and there are many lakes, towards the coast it is hilly/mountainous, where the highest peak is the Carrantuohill (1040m). From the northwest to the southwest flows the river Shannon. In Ireland you are never further than about 150 kilometers away from the sea.

The total surface of Ireland is 84,288 square kilometers, consisting of 26 counties with a total population of around 3.7 million people. Dublin is the largest city with over 1 million inhabitants.

In Ireland, English is spoken, but in some places they still speak Irish, the so called Gaelic. A region where Gaelic is still spoken is called Gaeltacht. These areas are amongst others to be found in Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Kerry, Cork and Waterford. The Gaeltachtai embody a highly value to the Gaelic, the traditional culture and folklore, storytelling, traditional music and dancing are important elements in their lives. Most of these communities speak next to the Gaelic also English.

Kilkenny, a bustling city with a fascinating medieval history and a thriving crafts industry, is one of the most attractive cities in the southeast of Ireland, and a must for the visitor.

Around the 800 year old Norman castle in the old town, Kilkenny has developed into a fashionable and cosmopolitan destination with a wide diversity/variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

But Kilkenny is also the city of the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, one of the most popular comedy festivals in the world where acts from homeland and abroad leave the public in a dent for days.

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For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised.

Learning companies in Ireland.

Park Inn by Radisson Cork Airport Tel: +353-214947500 Core task 5
Fota Island Resort Cork Tel: +353-214883700 Core task 1.5&5
The Cliff House Hotel Ardmore Tel: +353-2487800 Core task 5
The Malton Killarney Tel: +353-646638000 Core task 1.5&5
Aghadoe Heights Killarney Tel: +353-646631766 Core task 1.5&5