Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!


You want to do an internship on Aruba? That is possible! Friesland College cooperates together with several companies in Oranjestad. Does this appeal to you? Read below what the possibilities are and what makes Aruba such a special internship place.

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Aruba is created by different influences from other countries. Originally Indians lived here, after that de European came with firstly the Spanish and after that the Dutch. De Dutch made sure that slaves from Africa and Brazil came to the island. All these different tribes have brought their own culture to what is called Aruba nowadays. Furthermore, Aruba is determined by the tourism, which brings even more nationalities to the island. Nowadays, people from up to 92 different countries live on Aruba.

This cultural mix is also expressed in the languages that they speak on Aruba. The original inhabitants of Aruba speak Papiamento, and are known for also speaking Spanish. Papiamento is influenced by the Roman languages Spanish, Portuguese and a little bit of French, Indian and Dutch.

The influence from the Netherlands is still very strong. Aruba is namely a part of this Kingdom. Therefore, the Dutch language is spoken a lot. Furthermore, they also celebrate Queens day and Sinterklaas.

The location of Aruba is very favorable. It is the most western island of the Leeward Islands. Aruba is located between South-America and North-America. Together with Curacao and Bonaire these islands form the Dutch Antilles. Aruba has a surface of approximately 193 square kilometers and counts round about the 70.000 inhabitants.

Aruba has a pleasant climate, almost every day it is brilliant weather and when the rain is falling, most of the time it this in the afternoon. Aruba exists out of a tropical climate and the temperature has an average of 28 degrees Celsius. Also the temperatures in winter- and summertime differ not a lot, about 3,5 degrees Celsius difference.

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For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised. However, it is possible to get Dengue, which can occur at the Dutch Antilles. Next to that there is a chance to get travelersdiarrhoea.

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Learning companies at Aruba

Tierra Del Sol Northern Aruba Tel: +297-5867800 Core task 1.5
Marandi Restaurant Oranjestad Tel: +297-5820157 Core task 1.5
Que Pasa Oranjestad Tel: +297-5834888 Core task 1.5
Yemanja Wood Fired Grill Oranjestad Tel: +297-5884711 Core task 1.5
Restaurant mise en place Oranjestad Tel: +297-5873366 Core task 1.5
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Oranjestad Tel: +297-5836000 Core task 1.5
Hadicurari Palm Beach Tel: +297-5862288 Core task 1.5
Restaurant The Fishes & More Palm Beach Tel: +297-5863659 Core task 1.5
Amazonia Palm Beach Tel: +297-586-4444 Core task 1.5
Aqua Grill Palm Beach Tel: +297-586-5900 Core task 1.5
Tony Roma’s Oranjestad Tel: +297-586-0860 Core task 1.5