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International, yet close to home? Neighbor country Belgium has several possibilities for an internship in for example Antwerp. For more information check down below.

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Belgium is a West-European polity at the North sea, adjacent to the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. The country is 30528 km² big and has a population of around the 11 million residents. The biggest en most important city is Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium and executive center of the European Union. Belgium is a little bit smaller than the Netherlands (0,9% x the Netherlands).

The country has three official languages; approximately sixty percent of the population speaks Dutch, especially in Flanders (the north) forty percent speaks French, especially in Wallonia (the south), and less than one percent speaks German, in the East Cantons (the east)

Belgium is famous for its beers, the chocolate and pralines, mussels, Belgium fries, Manneken Pis and Tin Tin. In Belgium you never have a bore. There is always something to do or to see. Even though Belgium is not a very big country, there are some unique museums, excellent shopping possibilities, beautiful Gothic churches and various areas of nature. Next to that the Belgians spend a lot of time outside the door. There is no opportunity that goes by without any celebration. Throughout the whole year every city has its own traditions. In Belgium they have almost the same Holidays as in Holland, but they also have their own national Holidays.

Belgium has a temperate sea climate. The average temperature in Belgium is 11,2 degrees Celsius, but there are some differences which can be recorded to every region. This temperature exists, because the warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean also warms up the North Sea. Because of that, in the winter the water does not go below a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature will be reached in the dead of winter, because then the water has cooled. Furthermore, the weather has a strong changeable character.

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For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised.

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Learning companies in Belgium

Plaza Hotel Antwerp Antwerp Tel: +32-32872870 Core task 1.5&5
Elzenveld Hotel & Seminarie Antwerp Tel: +32-32027711 Core task 1.5&5
Hotel Scandic Antwerp Tel: +32-32359191 Core task 1.5&5
Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel Antwerp Tel: +32-32031203 Core task 1.5&5
Antwerp Harbour Hotel Antwerp Tel: +32-32275433 Core task 1.5&5
Park Inn Antwerp Tel: +32-32031330 Core task 1.5&5
Hyllit Hotel Antwerp Tel: +32-32026800 Core task 1.5&5
Novotel Antwerp Tel: +32-33939004 Core task 1.5&5
Grand Hotel Casselberg Brugge Tel: +32-50446500 Core task 1.5&5
Dukes Palace Brugge Tel: +32-50447888 Core task 1.5&5
Hotel Oud Huis De Peellaert Brugge Tel: +32-50337889 Core task 1.5&5
Hotel Aragon Brugge Tel: +32-50333533 Core task 1.5&5
Ibis Sint-Niklaas Sint-Niklaas Tel: +32-32313141 Core task 5