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Also Germany has a lot of possibilities for your internship. Does it appeal to you to work in one of the picturesque places in Germany? Look down below for more information.

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Germany (German: Deutschland), is a federal republic of sixteen states (Länder) in Central-Europe. The capital and biggest city is Berlin. The total surface is 356.970 square Kilometers, and with that Germany is qua size/magnitude the sixth most biggest country of Europa.

Germany is 8,7 times as big as the Netherlands.

Germany is located central on the European continent and is adjacent to at least 9 countries: Denmark in the north, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the west, Switzerland and Austria in the south, and the Czech Republic and Poland in the east.

Germany has a moderate climate. The climate is very changeable. North- and Central Germany know mild summers and cool, moist winters. In the south and the mountain ranges like the Harz mountains, the Black Forest and Bayern the summers are a lot warmer, the winters much colder and a lot of snow is falling. In the spring are the most stable weather conditions, which is favorable because of the starting holiday period. The average temperature in the summer is 18 degrees Celsius and in the winter -1 degrees Celsius. The best period to visit the country is from May till October.

Germany is a magnet for an increasing number of tourists around the world. Visitors are attracted by small picturesque villages with timbered houses, a huge amount of town charm en the wealth of art and culture. They are astonished by the historical past, which comes to life by the presence of the magnificent castles and palaces. In Germany they also party a lot, from beer festivals and carnival to love parades and classy/chic gala’s. From begin March till the end of October there are Jazz festivals which attract huge amounts of visitors. The fall/autumn is the time of the harvest festivals. One of the outliers is the ‘Octoberfest’ in the Bayern head city Munich. The month December is completely in the theme of ‘Weihnachten’, with amongst others atmospheric Christmas markets and beautiful Christmas concerts throughout the whole country.

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For regular trips to this country no vaccinations are advised

Learning companies in Germany

Landal Greenparks Warsberg Saarberg Tel: +49-658191460 Core task 1.5&5
Landal Dwergter Sand Molberg Tel: +49-4475919298 Core task 1.5&5
Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland Medebach Tel: +44-8443058327 Core task 1.5&5
Landal Greenparks Hochwald Kell am See Tel: +49-658991470 Core task 1.5&5
Landal Mont Royal Kröv Tel: +49-654170070 Core task 1.5&5
Landal Wirfttal Stadtkyll Tel: +49-6597-929230 Core task 1.5&5
Hotel Winterberg Resort Winterberg Tel: +49-2981-9190 Core task 1.5&5