Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!

Erasmus+ subsidy

INTERNSHIPS IN EUROPE. Sometimes the Friesland College can offer a financial contribution for a BPV(work placement) in foreign countries. There exist several scholarship programs when going abroad. Inform at your BPV office for more information 

If you follow a qualified internship in one of the European countries, you have to sign that off in the Europass Mobility. The Europass is an official European document that consists of a five parts. The Europass Mobility describes on which learning goals you have worked on when you have gone through a BPV in another European country. In the Europass is stated the exact starting- and ending time of you internship. An I-Work Placement (I-BPV) is an extra asset for your portfolio. Your experience abroad looks good on your CV and will enlarge your chances in the labor market. The Europass will be set up in double by the International Office and you have to ensure that this will be signed and stamped by the company. You have to hand in a copy of this document at the International Office.
Mobility Tool
Your data of information will be inserted in the Mobility Tool by Ms. Bartmann from the International Office. By the end of the internship she will give via the Tool the instruction to hand in your report. You will receive directly from Brussels an e-mail with the guidelines and a link to a PDF file for filling filling in the report. You fill in the report, then also press the button ‘validate’/’valideren’ nd you can save the filled in rapport on your computer als temporary version (this is also possible when you did not fill in the report but often want to work in it). If you are done do NOT press on the submit button but send your rapport first as an attachement in an e-mail to Miss. Bartmann for monitoring. Only when she send you a confirmation you are allowed to press the button ”submit” for sending the report digitally. At this point you cannot change it anymore. At last Miss. Bartmann has to approve the rapport via the Mobility Tool and will make a copy of it for your file.


Websites that show a lot of possiblities for students (speciale site for all Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) students )
Other links that show the many possibilities for abroad are: (pictures) (pictures)
Sites which can be important for the preparation of your I-work placement (BPV) are: (Internships in Germany)
look at: ”Reizen en Landen” (Trips and Countries)
Placement agencies (sometimes commercially):