Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!

I am going on an internship and now…?

When you are going on your internship a lot has to be arranged. The work placement website helps you to prepare yourself optimal, and to make sure that everything is arranged before you leave.

Things you need to arrange before you leave:

* Arrange your scholarship. When you live at your parents and want to go on your internship you can receive a non-residential scholarship. You can request this at the IB-groep/DUO. Arrange this on time since it takes several weeks before everything is taken care of.

* When you have a PT-card (OV-kaart), you cannot use this when you are going abroad. For this it is possible to receive a PT compensation for the months you are abroad. You can arrange this via the IB-Groep/DUO. Like the scholarship, it is important that you arrange this on time since it takes several weeks before everything is taken care of.

* In some cases you are entitled to the Leonardo da Vinci fund.This is a subsidy which you can receive when you are going abroad for your internship. The Friesland College can arrange this for you.

* Arrange in time a valid passport/id-card when needed. You can request this at your municipality.

* Arrange in time a visa when needed. You can request a visa at the embassy of the country you are going to. You have to bring a passport in order to receive your visa. In some cases you can arrange this also via certified mail. Make sure you arrange all of this on time since it takes several weeks before everything is taken care of.

* Arrange in time any possible vaccinations when needed. Some vaccinations you have to take multiple times before you leave, so it is important that you start with this one time. You can request vaccinations at the loca GGD. The GGD advises to plan this appointment at least 2 á 3 months in advance.

* Go well insured on your trip. Note in this case the coverture of your health insurance in foreign countries supplemented with a potential travel insurance. Contact your health insurer and/or travel insurer for more information.

* A cancellation insurance can also be important to arrange. In this way you can still get your money back when short before departure a situation occurs whereby you will not leave or leave later.

* Important too is to authorize your parents for a bank or giro account. When something happens you’re your pass abroad, your parents can arrange everything from the Netherlands. Check if your bank/debit card is also valid in the relevant country. If necessary check this also at your bank. Make sure that you know how you can block your paying resources in case of loss or theft.

* It is also wise to request a credit card. When certain problems occur with your debit card you will not be left without money. Keep your debit card and credit card separate from each other.

* In some countries you have to request an account for this specific country in order to receive your placement fee. Make sure you know this before you leave, in order to arrange this when you arrive.

* When you are under medical treatment, it is best to contact your GP or specialist before leaving. It can occur that diseases will aggravate in warmer countries.

* A visit at a local dentist may entail certain risks. Therefore, pay a visit to your dentist before you leave.

* Take a (simple) First Aid-kit with you. It is best to put this kit in your hand luggage because in the luggage compartments it can get very cold, as a result that the medication may freeze and become unusable. It may also occur that the luggage is (temporary) lost and that you have (temporary) no medication on/with you.

* Depending on the destination a international switch-plug can be very useful. Not in every country they have the same sockets as in Holland.

Housing during the internship

When you go abroad on your internship, it is expected of you that you arrange your own housing. Down below you find a few webpages who you can visit for housing.

*Abroad Internships

* Right Move UK

* Perle d’Or Appartments Aruba

* Fran-Ger Appartments Aruba

* Sunshine Appartments Aruba

Aruba Blue Village Hotel and Apartments

Are you a budget traveler looking for a perfect hideaway, or a group of people attending an event or simply a student/intern looking for long term accommodation in the island? Aruba Blue Village Hotel and Apartments have a lot to offer. The village is located away from the busy and noisy high rise hotel area but near supermarkets and around 10 minutes drive away from Oranjestad.
The village’s rooms is subdivided into 29 Junior studios, 17 One Bedroom suites, 8 two-bedroom suites and 45 long-term apartments with a total accommodation of 350 pax. For this reason, it has been the “People’s Choice” for large groups such as sport events/competition and even special occasions like weddings and reunions.
Each room offers the basic of a simple but comfortable short term stay such as two single beds joined together, built –in cabinet, kitchenette, flat-screen TV (only for two-bedrooms suite and some one-bedroom suites), rest room with shower with a small patio outside the room overlooking the crystal clear water of the swimming pool.
Long term tenants can choose between our small studios and our one bedroom apartments for their long term stay in the island for work or study with a minimum term of 3 months. Cost includes water, electricity and cable TV as well as free use of swimming pool.
We have two clean and clear swimming pools, a bar and restaurant, laundry services for additional convenience and comfort of both short term and long term tenants.
You can find all of these in just one place…. Only in your home away from home… Aruba Blue Village Hotel and Apartments!!!!!
For details about prices and availability, email us at or call us at 00297-587-8618.

Aruba Blue Village Hotel and Apartments

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