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Internship 2nd grade students


Internship 3rd & 4th grade students

Core task 5 Front Office


Progress report internship period HOM 4

Dear HOM 4 students,

Hereby as a document the progress report about your internship. Can you send me as soon as possible the complete filled in document to me.

As from now I am starting with making the appointments for placement visits

Just to clarify:
You are aware that as a HOM 4 student you have to consult a graduation assignment with the placement company, which you also have to do in this company.
During the explanation of Mrs. Broekema and Mr. Reitsma, a placement handbook HOM 4 together with a roadmap was handed out and the procedure and working method was discussed.
According to this planning you had to use week 8 till 10 for the preparation and discussion of your assignment.
Week 10 till 15 is the researchfase, in which you have to report weekly towards your coach.
Week 16 you have to send/mail your concept of the managementassignment to your assigned teacher.

At the moment we are in week 13 and from several visits last week I noticed that these students were not really involved in this. To my concern some students stated that they did not even know there was also a graduation assignment.
This also counts for students who are doing the FO internship, these students qualifying have to finish both the FO and graduation/management assignment.

Therefore, for the sake of clarity:
Did you attend the meeting and do you have the placement handbook HOM 4?
Did you communicated about your assignment?
Did you get assigned a teacher for your assignment?
Are you communicating with this teacher about your assignment?

If all of this is, you are doing a good job!
In case you did not, please contact the school, your coach of in any case me to arrange all of this.

Good luck with your internship!

Kind regards,

Rein Mulder
Placement Coordinator
Secondary School of Hotel Management Friesland
06 53842656 / 058 2842730

Internship 4th grade students

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