Binnen- of buitenland? Verbreed je grenzen!


As a student, for your friends and family it is nice to set up and keep a blog up to date when you go on your internship. Via this way you can keep in touch with each other and they can get a clear picture of the things you experience during your internship. It is also nice to post pictures of the things you experience.

Down below you find blogs of other student who are on their internship at the moment.

Robert Molenaar
Jorn Palstra
Friso Keizer
Lesley van der Beek
Renske Jansma
Naomi Nobel
Karin Mollema
Iris Mays
Marloes Beijk
Loes Voogt
Rosalie de Visser
Bob Rijpstra
Leanne Neijenhuis
Amber Nobel
Marieke de Boer
Jorn Palstra
Simone Rondaan
Jitske de Boer
Cinthia Capelle
Sterre Rossing
Kim Veldman
Ruben Marcela
Marieke Geertshuis
Thomas Spoor
Thalita Rozendal
Cindy de Groot
Roy Cruiming
Emma Steen
Lisa Marie Boddé


Also stories of different internships and pictures of students will be placed on this website, in order for you to get a clear overview of what is waiting ahead of you before you go abroad on your internship.